Price Financial Group

Thoughts from Travis Price...

My basic financial planning strategy includes simplicity. In my experience, the real challenge lies in seeing the big picture and analyzing all the working parts. By delivering an approachable plan, I help my clients clarify the path to their goals.

As a Wealth Manager with FSC Securities Corporation, I am passionate about helping my clients work to achieve their financial goals. I strive to build lifelong relationships with clients, maintaining the highest standards of quality, service and integrity.

I understand that each client is different. Therefore, I provide customized planning to meet each client’s specific needs and goals. I feel lucky to do this work; I get to help people from all walks of life that are doing good in the world. 

I help young professionals balance their long-term goals with their day-to-day choices. I help mature couples confirm that their diligence has paid off and they’re ready to retire. I help others to explore the ramifications of major decisions like a career change or a return to school. 

It’s tremendously fulfilling to help my clients make good decisions for their goals and circumstances. I know I’m successful when money becomes a positive influence in their lives and in the world.

If you know someone who would benefit from my financial guidance, let them know to contact me for an initial no-cost, no-obligation ‘get acquainted’ meeting.

Travis C. Price, Wealth Manager