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Investing Simplified is broadcasted weekly on Saturday at 8am on 860AM and again on Sunday at 1pm on 101.1FM.

The show is also available on Apple and Android podcast as well as our website linked below.

The goal of the radio show is to bring educational and helpful content to listeners each and every week. If you have a question that has been keeping you up at night, please email it to and we will do our best to address it on the show.

Thank you for listening!

Meet Our Hosts
Matt Mai
CIO, Wealth Manager
Bo Caldwell
CEO, Wealth Manager
Matt Sudol
Wealth Manager

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Episode 44 | COVID SHOW 34 | Introducing Matt Sudol

There are a lot of people with great intentions for their finances who are led astray by biased advice from financial advisors. There are also a lot of people who are simply operating under bad financial advice in general. That’s why Price Financial Group Wealth Management decided to start a radio show called Investing Simplified®. …
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